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K60 RANGER Dual Sport-Off Road

The Heidenau K60 range of tyres consists of the SCOUT and the ENDURO and now the all NEW RANGER.

The acclaimed K60 Ranger is a true 70% off-road/30% on-road adventure tyre. The K60 range of tyres bring a proven balance of performance on- and off-road. With an improved tread and compound, the tyres deliver better cornering stability and wet weather grip on the pavement.

The K60 Ranger has been created from scratch with a focus on mostly off-road. This has been designed to allow riders to experience an incredible range of off-road grip including mud and sand enthusiasts.

This NEW tread pattern is conveniently larger between treads which is designed to allow loose surfaces to easily detach as well as offering effortless sideways grip. Improvements have been made to the carcass to ensure longevity of life which enhances long mileage capability and high resistance to any punctures while riding. It also has the ability to grip extremely well on wet asphalt due to its new rubber compound.


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